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Hi welcome to beetles class today I am going to talk about bullying it has come to my attention

That a lot of schools have had about 3 bullies bullying other kids

If you have or are now being bullied you would know it can happen in the halls a lot.    if we can make posters and assemblies we can stop it.

Hello again today I am going to talk about fortnite/players the first person I am going to talk

About tyler Blevins aka ninja.


I can say something about him that happened not so long ago he lost to a game of myth who I will  talk about soon and because ninja lost he lost more then just a game he lost 24,000 I know right.


Tsm myth sorry couldn’t find his name is a really good builder shortly he won 2,800 by killing

Ninja in las vegas he has got over 1,000 wins and over a million followers,subscribers and trickshots.


Would You Rather FORTNITE EDITION!!!



Would you RATHER

1.Buy V-Bucks or Save up for a battle pass

2.Play on Xbox , PlayStation or PC (computer)

3.Watch Fortnite on YouTube or Play Fortnite

4.Not play it in your life or PLAY IT EVERYDAY!!!!

5.Get a Victory Royal or V-Bucks




Thank you!!!

Answer your answers in the reply sectionJ



Welcome! The Beetles have arrived!

Welcome to the new Beetles Class Blog! If you want to find out what we’ve been up to; hear news about clubs;  get ideas about games to play; if you want great ideas to upstyle your hair; or if you just want a giggle at some of our jokes then you are looking in the right place! 

We’d love to hear what you think of our blog. We look forward to hearing your comments!


10 ways to make new friends

  1. Don’t be shy, make your personality shine!
  2. Don’t listen to the bullies.
  3. Find someone else who is looking for a friend.
  4. Ask to play.
  5. Don’t get angry at your new friends.
  6. Say nice things.
  7. Be interested in them first.
  8. Promise.
  9. Keep your promise.
  10. Be together when you need each over.


Thank you that you read my blog today. See you next time bye!



my blog for school dinners and a would you rather

Welcome to my blog

I will be talking about school dinners and also I will be doing a would you rather school edition


School dinners

So not many people in our school love our school dinners we have so we thought how they could be made even better. What about, when it’s Chinese New Year we have Chinese food for a week with meat and veggie version,

Would you rather


Would you rather

Have 2 teachers and a teacher’s assistant or

1 teacher and a teacher’s assistant


Would you rather

Have English all day or maths all day


Would you rather

Have playtime all day or lunchtime all day





even better food


Although school dinners can be good they could be better. For example they can have a foreign week where we eat foreign food like tacos, curry and pizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza! Also, how gerat would it be to have even better decoration in the trays? Also, every time the theme changes we could have an after school club  to help decorate the trays!


Taste The Nations

Taste the Nations!


Although school dinners can be very good, you might have noticed that they are mostly “English” recipes.


Seasonal meals- thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, Ramadan.


Different countries foods- add variety.

Children at school are from different countries, lets us get to know our friends


We all like to go on holiday, but school must come first… so how about we take our taste-buds on holiday instead? BUT IN SCHOOL!    These are just a few ideas of more meals to eat like Mexican, Chinese,Indian and American.I also like Ramadan, thanksgiving and Chinese new year.